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Legal information

User agreement :

This site has no intention in allowing anyone under 18 years old to use the chat rooms. If anyone is found underage on this site a full server ban is permitted by the website admin. Before joining the chat rooms and forums all we ask is that you create an account with us this is to prevent spam, trolls, clones and hackers.

Privacy policy:

All information is kept by the admin of the website and is in no right to sell or share this information. All chat room logs are kept for legal use if the law has been exploited. We do not offer or sell chat logs. Please bare in mind like most chat rooms this site stores your I.P in the chat room log.  If a government agency, or an attorney, requests your private information, or makes a formal and official request for this information relevant to a pending or current legal matter in which you are a potential or actual party or otherwise contributed in some way to the causation of the legal matter at hand the law will have rights to request your information and we have no power to stop this but to assist them in every way.

Cookie policy:

We use cookies to monitor the sites progress and monitor which pages are popular and not so popular so we can focus on future updates for the site, forums and chat rooms.

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